Hay Day: Destructive addiction

After the inception of android and powerful mobile processors the gaming market is expanded from arcade games to first person shooting real games which can be played only on desktops or laptops previously but thanks to the Qaulcomm and Mediatek, both companies have changed the way computing works. From big boxes to small small chips the computer revolution is progressing at a pace never seen before. Ok so lets come to the point.

How it affects me?

Well it enables you to carry more computing power in a small device (your mobile) and now you can use it from downloading movies to checking out the GPS coordinates.

How it changes Gaming?

The best beneficiary of powerful mobile phones is definitely gaming, now you can play those heavy games right on your mobile which lags even on your computer before.

How addictive are those games?

I will tell you about just one company Supercell. They released three games till now. Hay Day, Clash of Clans and Boom Beach and they are now competing with giants like EA sports and beating them in the mobile market. This fact is enough to say a lot about how a small startup turned up into a giant venture.

Whats the difference between Clash of Clans and Hay Day?

Hay day is a pure strategy game, more like a farming game. Where you sow seeds, wait for time and harvest. You setup food processing units and sell those products. Its a fairly simple game on the other hand Clash of Clans or Clash Royale for that matter, is more like an adventure, strategy and action game. You earn resources, you train troops and attack other players to earn more resources (clash royale hack link). Both of them are quite addictive and consumes a lot of time if you are just starting.

hay-day-hackI will advice you to use Hay day hack or cheats to progress faster as its really frustrating to locked into the lower levels and than waste days to earn resources to go to the next level. With every new level you get new machines, tools or surprise boxes simply to say. They make the game more interesting than just to sow a seed and collect the eggs. Making cake in bakery or pie in machine is more interesting but for that you need certain levels. You can either use the hay day tools above or you can spend your hay day diamonds on them.  Diamonds are limited and can be used to speed up any process, so even after using all of your diamonds you still wont have much progress. Thats where you need to spend money to buy more diamonds and speed up or you can use another hay day diamonds hack tool and save that money.

The game is quite addictive as the time for every process is algorithmically set by supercell. Just in case you dont know what it means is that whenever you are trying to leave the game you will find some resource need your attention and it will keep you engaged like this whole day. So beware if you play that you are going to waste a lot of time which you can spend at any other place in much better way.